And the winners are…

Love ActuallyWe´re giving away 5 copies of that most romantic story Love Actually in its Penguin Reader version for upper-intermediate/advanced level learners, for you to read yourselves or share with your students, in our ELT Learning Journeys competition.
We asked you to answer  the following question (as a comment on this ELT Learning Journeys post):  ”what´s your favourite song for a day like St Valentine´s day?”.
The first 5 people to answer and who have won a copy of our Love Actually Penguin Reader, as detailed in the competition rules, are:

1. Joan
2. Etelvina Fontes
3. Cristina Moreno Feliz
4. Esther Peláez Villar
5. Carmen

We will be emailing them over the course of the coming week, at the email address provided when participating in the competition. We remind everyone that the cut-off date for any reclamation regarding these prizes is Monday 24th February.
After that date, if Pearson does not receive a correct postal address from any of the 5 winners so as to be able to send the book to them, we reserve the right to carry out a second draw and name a new winner or winners.

A little bit of love (actually) goes a long way!

Love ActuallyToday is a slightly different post from what we usually share with you here on ELT Learning Journeys. But love is in the air and St Valentine´s Day is just around the corner, so we thought it would be a nice idea to give a little present to 5 of our followers here!  We´re giving away 5 copies of that most romantic story Love Actually in its Penguin Reader version for upper-intermediate/advanced level learners, for you to read yourselves or share with your students.

All you have to do is answer (as a comment on this post) the following question:  “what´s your favourite song for a day like St Valentine´s day?”.

We´ll share the most popular choice with everyone this Friday on Pearson English Hub, our Facebook site, and the first five followers to answer this post  with their song suggestion will soon be receiving their own personal copy of the book. 

The competition closes at 10.00 am, 14th February 2014 and the names of the 5 winners will be announced both here on ELT Learning Journeys and on Pearson English Hub at 11.00 that same day, and they will then be contacted by email using the email address used to take part in the competition.

* Who can take part in this competition: Any follower of our Pearson English Hub Facebook site residing in Spain or Portugal. Prizes will only be sent to winning entries of followers residing in Spain or Portugal. No Pearson employee or Pearson employee family member is allowed to take part.

Time limit for any type of reclamation or complaint: These can be submitted up to Monday 24th February 2014. Likewise, if by that date Pearson has not received full postal details to be able to proceed to send the prizes to the 5 winners, new winning entries may be announced in their place.