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As English teachers we know a thing or two about preparing our students for the future. For starters, we help develop our students’ communicative competence in the language itself. We look to integrate other skills too, such as digital literacy, critical thinking or the ability to collaborate with others in a team. But as well as ‘preparing’ our students for the future, we can also give them the tools to go out and shape that future for themselves.

Speak Out for Sustainability, a project recently launched by Pearson and BBC Studios is a project with our students’ futures in mind. It’s a project which has at its heart the goal of making that future sustainable. And we aim to do that by raising awareness of sustainability issues and inspiring action and interaction among teachers and students alike.

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What are the project’s themes?

The project has five key strands:

What resources are available?

The project draws on Pearson learning content and BBC studios video content. It will include a series of online events as well as learning resources and live English lessons on sustainability topics.

Each theme will have a short introduction video to inspire conversations. A Useful Vocabulary Video will also explain some of the key language that is going to come up in the theme, to help make sure students know what to focus on. Students will also have: 

  • a digital worksheet containing reading, video and interview tasks for them to complete; 
  • a reading task for students aged 16+; 
  • a 3–5-minute interview with an expert with first-hand experience of the effects of climate change; 
  • a 5 top tips video on how to take action; 
  • a video or text on What They’re Doing, explaining an inspirational teen or young adult doing something to help the environment; 
  • a BBC Studios video with follow up questions; 
  • a video challenge that aims to inspire action and integrate learners into the project; 
  • a live class with our learning guide Harry
  • and a quick fire quiz: what have we learned? A video with 10 questions related to the theme. 

Where can I find the material?

All of the material will be made available on the dedicated webpage and on the Pearson ELT Spain & Portugal facebook page. Click here to watch the introductory video to our first theme, Carbon footprint.

What else?

The recording of our launch event is well worth a watch. It’s chaired by Jane Forrest, Director of Product Marketing for Pearson English. On the panel are Praveen Goplan, the Enivronmental Sustainability Manager at BBC Studio, Erika Webb-Hughes, the VP for Sustainability at Pearson and to Harry Waters, teacher, teacher trainer and the founder of Renewable English.

I got a lot out of watching the event. The panelists share their wealth of experience and expertise in sustainability issues but from very diverse perspectives: that’s what makes the discussion rich. It’s also very positive: though inaction in the face of climate change could have catastrophic consequences, there are very useful insights on how we can make a big change through small steps and positive messaging. What can individuals do? What can corporations do? What can teachers do? What can students do? Watching this event is a great way into the discussion on sustainability and a springboard to the rest of the project.

Speak Out for Sustainability: Get Involved! #speakout_for_sustainability

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