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Are you interested in learning ways to manage a mixed ability class, getting to grips with feedback and assessment online, motivating your students, or to spice up your reading and writing lessons?

If so, don’t miss our upcoming online training sessions.

Put the 20th, 21st, 25th and 26th February in you diaries. Sign up to as many of these free sessions as you like here.

PROGRAMME: Pearson Online Training Days


  • Reading and writing just got exciting!

> Phil Brownsword Reading and writing are tested extensively in external and university entrance exams, but our lessons to develop these skills needn’t be dull! In this talk we’ll look at some activities that will get our students working collaboratively to get better at reading and writing – activities that will improve their skills and bring our lessons to life.

  • Getting to grips with feedback and assessment online

> Michael Brand We’ve moved to teaching online, so it follows that feedback and assessment need to be dealt with remotely too. This transition has thrown up challenges but also opportunities for us teachers to add more strings to our assessment bow. In this webinar we’ll consider practical ways of dealing with both formative and summative assessment in an online setting.

  • Breathe some life into your online classroom

> Harry Waters With our lessons having been moved online at short notice, secondary teachers have had to learn fast. In this webinar we look to provide support. We’ll consider how to get the most out of our existing course material in an online sitting – which activities make sense? Which mightwe need to tweak? We’ll also look at some handy online tools and consider how to motivate our learners, all with the aim of teaching online and winning. Every student matters: mixed ability at Secondary

> Alyssa Alexander Help! There’s such a range of abilities in my class! Lots of my students need extra support and some need extra challenge! Secondary teachers know every student matters, but it’s sometimes difficult to attend to everyone in a diverse class. How can scaffolding help us? How can we best utilize collaborative learning? What about digital tools? This practical session will propose strategies and activities to help us meet the demands of a mixed ability class. Thursday 21st May 19:00-20:00 Monday 25th May 19:00-20:00

All participants will be granted a CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE. Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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