Making English distance learning a reality #5

Hello teachers! This week, we‘re celebrating World Book Day! As English teachers, you’re surely aware of the many benefits reading a book has for your students: enriching vocabulary, broadening knowledge, keeping themselves entertained… however, during this difficult period, one of the benefits stands out: reading helps us to unwind! In order to celebrate such an important date, we’ve launched a competition: ‘What book are you escaping into during the quarantine?

In this newsletter you’ll also find a number of webinars we’ve prepared to help you move to online teaching and to support your famlily’s mental health in these uncertain times.

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🖥️🖥️How to transform your class to digital with MyEnglishLab and Pearson English Portal

As lessons shift from the classroom to online, materials need to be adapted to suit our new environment. But how can we maintain interactivity in lessons, and how can Pearson’s online resources help?

In these webinars we will help you utilise Pearson course materials in the digital platform MyEnglishLab and Pearson English Portal :

1. Create an account
2. Get access to course content, overview of resources
3. Create a class
4. Assign content
5. Review students’ and class performance

*Webinars organised at 11:00 will be held in English, while webinars organised at 17:00 will be held in Spanish.

📚📚Celebrating World Book Day

What book are you escaping into during the quarantine?

Books open the door to different experiences: travelling through time, exploring magical worlds, having amazing adventures, even falling in love! That’s why, to celebrate World Book Day during these critical times, we’d like to know what book you’d recommend to escape into during the quarantine.

Participate in our World Book Day contest by leaving a comment on our Facebook post with the title of a book you’ve read in quarantine which has inspired you and tell us why.

You’ll be entered into a prize draw for one of 5 online licences with access to 10 Pearson English Readers! 🎁🎁

🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️Mindfulness and wellbeing

Take a deep breath and join us on this new webinar:

Family Meditation: how to support your family’s mental health

Join Amy Malloy for a supportive exploration of how and why our family can respond in stressful times, with practical ideas and takeaways to help support positive mental health for the whole family.

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