Making English distance learning a reality #4

Hello teachers! After this year’s unusual, but hopefully relaxing Easter holidays, we’re back to support you with new resources to make English distance learning a reality. This week, we bring you a number of webinars to help you keep on learning and socialising while staying at home, a handy guide on moving to online teaching and a webinar on how family meditation can support our mental health in these uncertain times.For more resources to make English distance learning a reality visit:

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Cómo transformar tu clase a digital con Pearson y Blink Learning*Many teachers are currently moving their classes online and in these webinars we will help you utilise your Pearson course materials in the digital platform Blink Learning: 1. How to activate your Instructor Code
2. How to create a course
3. How to enroll your students on your course
4. How to activate Student’s Codes *These webinars will be held in Spanish
Password to join the webinar: 555853
Password to join the webinar: 792905
How to teach exam students online with Gold Experience?
As lessons shift from the classroom to online, materials need to be adapted to suit our new environment. But how can we maintain interactivity in lessons, and how can Pearson’s online resources help?This webinar discusses using the Pearson online portal to deliver engaging online classes. We’ll look in detail at how to assign tasks, the student app, and how we can use Pearson’s online resources to encourage independent learning.

New training videos available

  • MyEnglishLab: Your Solution for Anytime, Anywhere Learning
  • Using Versant Placement Test as a Home-Based Assessment
  • How to teach exam students online?
A handy guide to teaching onlineLindsay Warwick helps us to get started with teaching online with this handy ‘first steps guide’. You’ll find practical advice on transfering your face-to-face teaching environment into an online setting, how to choose the right tools, how to achieve learning objectives and how to engage learners in an online lesson!


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Mindfulness and wellbeing
Take a deep breath and join us on this new webinar:Family Meditation: how to support your family’s mental health
Join Amy Malloy for a supportive exploration of how and why our family can respond in stressful times, with practical ideas and takeaways to help support positive mental health for the whole family.


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