Making English distance learning a reality #1

In order to continue to provide you with support with English distance learning during these critical times, we bring you a new series of resources centered on teaching and learning: training on distance learning, online resources for teachers and families, and much more.

Discover the new range of proposals for English teachers, parents and students at

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Training on distance teaching and learning

  • Useful Tips for making it work

Our online teaching expert, Dr. Ken Beatty, has created a new series of seven short videos to help inspire you and offer practical advice when taking a distance learning approach.

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  • Training videos    

How do you make distance learning work for both educators and learners? Online teaching and remote learning approaches are on the increase and we have prepared a series of training videos to help you make the most of teaching and learning outside the classroom.

Online Resources for teachers & families
  • RTVE EduClan: educational videos 

We´re working together with RTVE in Spain to provide audiovisual educational content for children from 3 to 10 years old to help them continue their English learning during these critical times.


Professional Development for English teachers

  • Webinars: Better learning through mediation

Mediation covers a range of activities and strategies where the language users consciously adapt what they say, write or do to promote better understanding, for example in presenting, explaining, summarising, problem solving and team work. We’ve prepared a series of webinars where we’ll explore what this can mean in practical terms for planning lessons, tracking progress and preparing learners for the careers of the future.

  • Digital Citizenship Online course

With more work than ever before happening online, possessing the skills and tools to work on digital platforms is no longer only an advantage, but has become vitally important. The 21st-century digital citizen understands the consequences of his or her online actions and can confidently and effectively navigate the ever-growing online world.


Mindfulness and wellbeing

When mindfulness meets the classroom 

Amy Malloy introduces what mindfulness is and how to apply it in the classroom. You’ll listen to a podcast discussing how mindfulness can be built into ELT practice, a series of training videos with practical activities and guided meditations to try, handouts for use in class, and much more.

STAY TUNED! More resources are just about to come:

>> Exam Preparation webinars:

  • How to teach exam students online
  • How to teach exam students online with Gold Experience

 >> Graded Readers:  to support remote learning and keep students engaged outside the classroom

 >>GSE teacher toolkit:  how to find and download free grammar activities.



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