Supporting distance learning during coronavirus outbreak: reglada


Dear Teacher,

The adoption of health prevention measures this week due to the recent Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak has led to a temporary interruption of education activities in many regions, and represents an unfamiliar situation for students, teachers and families in many parts of Spain. At Pearson, we would like to offer all our support at this critical time to help you deal with this situation in the best possible way:

Access to all your Pearson content from home


If you are a Primary teacher using Pearson textbooks, you and your pupils have free access to Pearson eText Basic, the digital version of the Pupil’s Book and you can create a class to check students’ performance online.

If you don’t have codes available to access the Pearson eText Basic please contact us at indicating your school, the course you use, school code and number of codes required per level and we will send you free licenses to use with you students.

Secondary and Upper Secondary                                                  

If this is your case and you are using a Pearson course you can use Pearson Online Area including online practice for your students with instant feedback that helps you check your student’s performance when you create a course.

Access codes are provided in the Students’ Books but you can also contact us at indicating your school, the course you use and the number of codes required per level if needed.

Remember also that all Pearson coursebooks include a battery of digital resources such as apps, extra online activities, online game, digital readers etc. that your students can use at their own pace and from distance.

Online Teacher’s Resources

You will find all teacher’s resource materials from your Pearson course online at Pearson Teacher’s Place including teaching notes, video and audio resources, worksheets, etc. Please request free access to it, if you still don’t have it!

Training on distance learning

We are currently working on facilitating webinars to help you deliver online classes from home. Stay tuned!

Online meetings with our team

We are happy to support you on how to best use our coursebooks and materials through videoconferences.

Sample materials to your home 

We will send any sample materials you are interested in to the most convenient address for you.

And finally, don’t forget to visit our blog where you will find guidance, ideas and resources to mitigate against any current or potential disruption to the running of your school during these days.

At Pearson and Anaya we will remain available over the coming days and weeks to provide the support you need in connection with any of the above, and to address any doubts which may arise as the situation develops. Please feel free to contact us on the email and the telephone number 902 090 378.

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