British Council Teaching for Success Conferences 2018

Once again Pearson’s team of Teacher Trainers will be on the road the next couple of Saturdays to take part in the British Council’s annual Teaching for Success Conferences in cities across Spain.

On Saturday 22 September you can see sessions by Brian Engquist in Bilbao and Elena Merino in Valencia.  And on Saturday 29 September Elena will be at the conference in Barcelona while Michael Brand will be in Madrid.

At all of the conferences our Teacher Trainers will be offering two talks which should appeal to a variety of teachers:

Making all the right noises: developing B2 speaking skills
Most of us teachers will understand the mechanics of the B2 speaking exams we
prepare our students for but how can we give them the very best chance for
success? Let’s take a deeper look at the language and interactive skills our students
will need and try out some original activities to develop them so that, when exam day
comes around, our students are making all the right noises.

Connecting with the video generation
For entertainment, interacting with friends, or just trying to make sense of the world,
the medium of choice for today’s teens is video. The implications for our classes are
clear: If we want to engage with them and help them learn more effectively, video is
a vital ingredient. But which videos should we choose? How can we best present
them in our classes to make them both fun and educational? And what tools are
available to get our students to actively produce their own videos? In this session we
will provide practical activities to deal with these and other questions.

If you are going to be in any of these cities and are interested in checking out the latest trends and ideas for teaching English, please stop by.  You can find more information on these superb yearly events here.

And don’t forget to stop by our stand and have a chat with our ELT Consultants, experts in advising you on the best materials to use for Adults, Young Learners, Teens or Exam classes.

Hope to see you there!


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