Pearson Teacher Training Morning


Pearson will be in Bilbao and Madrid this week at the Pearson Teacher Training Morning: exploring the road to success. An event for teachers at Adult Learner Centres, on 11 May and 12 May.

We’re sure you will get plenty of practical and inspirational ideas from our talks. Check out the details below! 

The first session will be given by one of the award-winning authors of Speakout 2nd edition, Antonia Claire with the title “Taking off from the intermediate plateau” which aims to share strategies and activities that can help our students move from the B1 to the B2 level. 

The second session, by our teacher trainers Elena Merino (Bilbao) and Brian Engquist (Madrid), “Making all the right noises: a closer look at B2 speaking skills”, will also look at the intermediate level, focusing on B2 speaking skills. In this session you will be provided with some tips and tricks to know if your students are at the right level and help them succeed in their exams. 

BILBAO, May 11 (timetable here)

Location: Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao · Mazarredo Zumarkalea, 61 · 48009 Bilbao

MADRID, May 12 (timetable here)

Location: Hotel Intercontinental • Paseo de la Castellana 49 • 28046 Madrid                   



Remember to register before May 4!


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