Pearson workshops at the British Council events across Spain

Pearson British Council speakers

The annual Teaching for Success conferences, hosted by the British Council for ELT teachers are a great way to start the year and Pearson will be in attendance at the events across the country: in Madrid and Bilbao on Saturday 23rd September and in Barcelona and Valencia on Saturday 30th. Whether it’s to attend one of our new workshops to get some original, adaptable ideas, or to drop by our stand to have a look at our materials, we’d love to see you there!



Brian Engquist will be presenting Exam classes: success and fun, it can be done! which looks at keeping exam classes lively and engaging yet still leaving students fully prepared. Magdalena Custodio will be giving the talk Alternative assessment tools: what’s in your toolbox?  for teachers of younger learners. Information on the event can be found here.


Michael Brand will be presenting two talks:  Get them thinking: short video for key skills, a thought-provoking session for teachers of teens and adults and Assess for success, a session for primary teachers around assessment for learning, with lots of tips for its application in class. Information on the event can be found here and the full programme here.


Brian Enquist will be presenting in Barcelona, with the talks Exam classes: success and fun, it can be done! and Assess for success. Information on the event can be found here.


Michael Brand is in Valencia with Get them thinking: short video for key skills and Assess for success.  Information on the event can be found here.

Interested? Have a look at our abstracts to learn more about the workshops:

Exam classes: success and fun, it can be done! 

When preparing for external exams, the development of skills and strategies as well as exam practice are key, but we can’t forget that a successful student is an engaged one. The 21st century teen can be a notoriously difficult customer to satisfy, however. This session will demonstrate ideas that teens will love, while at the same time developing the skills they need to succeed.

Get them thinking: short video for key skills

As teachers, we often hear we need to prepare our students for a rapidly changing world, one in which they’ll need transferable skills and competencies to prosper. This practical session will look at how short video can be used to foster the 4Cs: critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. It will provide teachers with a range of practical, adaptable activities that equip teens and adults alike with the skills they need, whilst at the same time engaging and entertaining them.

Alternative assessment tools: what’s in your toolbox?

How many different assessment tools are you using in your primary classes? What do you use them for? In this session, we will differentiate between two types of assessment: 1) measuring the quality of your pupils’ output to get an overall grade or score,  and 2) identifying areas to provide them with the feedback on their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and production that they need to improve future performance and learning outcomes. And by way of practical examples we will fill up our Teacher’s Toolbox with alternative assessment methods recommended for formative assessment.

Assess for success

We all want our pupils to become more independent and responsible for their learning, but this won’t happen without the right support. Enter assessment for learning! In this practical session we will consider how best to approach target-setting, feedback, self and peer-assessment in the primary classroom, all with the aim of empowering learners and raising standards.

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