An Interview with JJ Wilson

JJ Wilson 5

Last week, award-winning Speakout author JJ Wilson embarked upon a whistle-stop tour of Spain, delivering teacher training workshops and presentations in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia (where he spoke at the national EOI convention) and Seville. Some of the areas he touched on were learning strategies, authenticity in the classroom and creativity and over 400 teachers attended his talks to pick up some tips.   

I was able to catch up with JJ for five minutes for an interview which you can watch below. As well as talking about his impressions of his Spanish sojourn and offering advice around listening (a skill about which he has also written a book), JJ gives us a sneak peek of his plenary session at IATEFL in Glasgow on Thursday 6 March. In what promises to be a fascinating and thought-provoking talk, he will be looking at why we might include social justice issues in our lessons.

Thankfully, those of us not attending IATEFL in person can still catch JJ’s session live, because all plenaries are being streamed online. All you need to do is sign up here.

Finally, check out JJ’s blog, which is full of useful ideas for ELT teachers. Recent posts include tips for teaching advanced learners and how to get the most out of authentic materials at lower levels.

Great to see you JJ!



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