It’s time for the National EOI Convention!

Once every two years the Official Language Schools in Spain hold their national convention.  This year’s event at the EOI in Valencia (this Thursday 30th March until Saturday 1st April) marks the 10th time they will come together to share ideas and best practices.

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We at Pearson are also very proud to be taking part by providing three engaging workshops. Two of these talks will be given by award-winning ELT author, novelist and co-author of Pearson’s Speakout series, JJ Wilson, on the topics of creativity and authenticity in the classroom.  Also on hand will be Spain-based Teacher Trainer for Pearson Michael Brand who will offer his perspective on the characteristics of a C1 user of English and how to get our students up to this level.

For more details and times please consult the information below.

Also, don’t forget to pop by the Pearson stand to check out our materials!

See you there!

JJ Wilson’s Workshops

jj wilson


The Real Deal: Motivating Students Through Authentic Materials

Thursday 30th March at 18.00 in the Salon de Actos

When we show a TV program in class or play a song, how can we go beyond just mining the material for grammar and vocabulary? How can we enhance our students’ enjoyment of the material while ensuring we meet linguistic goals? This session examines ways to make authentic materials accessible and focuses on facilitating authentic responses such as pleasure and emotional engagement. Mainly using material from Speakout 2nd edition, the session will emphasize motivating activities to be adapted for your classes.

Journeys of the imagination: creativity and language teaching

Friday 31st March at 15.25 in the Salon de Actos

This talk examines the idea that creativity is all around us. It helps us solve everyday problems, and is everywhere in the languages we speak and write. Using Ronald Carter’s idea that creativity is not an ordinary property of exceptional people, but an exceptional property of ordinary people, I will make some general observations about creativity before moving on to the main topic: creativity in the classroom. Then we will look at how to recognize it, develop activities that encourage it, and nurture the creative spirit in our students.

Michael Brand’s Workshop


Making the Grade at C1

Friday 31st March at 11.00 in the Salon de Actos

4 out of 5 job adverts in Spain demand English, but what level do our students need to reach? While a B2 might have secured employment 20 years ago, a ferociously competitive job market and a veritable boom in English teaching mean that C1 is fast becoming the new standard in professional and academic contexts. How can we pinpoint the fundamental differences between a B2 learner and a C1? What are the specific skills our students will need at C1, and how might we best go about developing them?

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