See you at ACEIA Conference 2016!

ACEIA Annual Conference 2016 Creative Minds InspireHere at Pearson we hope we’ll get the chance to see you this weekend at the ACEIA Annual Conference 2016: Creative Minds Inspire, to be held next Saturday 12th November in Seville, at the hotel Los Lebreros.

We are sure you will get plenty of inspiring ideas from our talks and workshops, and​ you will also be in for a nice surprise if you visit our stand​!​

​Just as last year, we are very pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring the opening plenary session, where Antonia Clare will be giving the talk Language, Learning and the Creative Mind. (9:45-11:00, Convention room).

Antonia will also participate in a semi-plenary session with the talk The Power of Video (12:45-13:45, Room Nerja-Jerez, 1st floor).

Our teacher trainers Michael Brand and Elena Merino will also be giving two workshops: Fun and success in B2 exams classes: it can be done! And From the Classroom to the Wider World.

Antonia Clare. Language, Learning and the Creative Mind

Learning a language is an inherently creative task. The learner doesn’t simply repeat words, phrases and grammar they’re exposed to, but adapts that language to construct new meanings, relevant to their own lives. Creative intelligence contributes positively to the language learning process, and a creative disposition is a quality that characterises effective teachers and students (Richards, 2013). This talk examines the value of creativity in the language learning process and explores ideas for engendering creativity in our learners, and ourselves.

Semi-plenary TALK
Antonia Clare. The Power of Video
12:45-13:45, Sala Nerja-Jerez 1st floor

Video has the power to engage, inform and entertain learners and many teachers now regularly use video in their classes. This practical session will look at why video is such a useful tool in the classroom and will demonstrate a variety of different activities which can be used to exploit video material for both specific language focus and skills development.

The power of video - Antonia Claire - ACEIA Conference 2016

Antonia Clare is an English language teacher trainer, international conference speaker and award-winning materials writer. Her special interests include the use of video and new technologies in ELT, creativity and the psychology of language learning. She has taught and trained in many countries around the world, and co-authored bestselling course book titles including Total Englishand Speakout, now in its brand new second edition.

Michael Brand - Pearson Teacher TrainerWorkshop                                                               

Michael Brand. Fun and success in B2 exams classes: it can be done!
11:30-12:30, Room Zahara, 1st floor

Exam classes can often be characterized by teaching to the test and routine, but we shouldn’t forget that a successful learner is an engaged one. In this talk we will consider some of the demands of B2 exams and look at stimulating and fun activities which will help our students to meet them.


Elena Merino - Pearson Teacher TrainerElena Merino. From the Classroom to the Wider World
15:00-16:00, Room Rota, 1st floor

Why are we all learning English? Ultimately, to be able to understand and be understood in this global society. But as teachers, we know this is not just about vocabulary and grammar. Truly communicating in another language involves cultural awareness, empathy and being able to adapt our message to different audiences and through different channels. For our students, acquiring soft skills like these is as important as learning the language itself. Let’s see how to include this in our classes.

We hope you’ll be able to come along, visit our stand to get creative, have a chat and find out more about all our new materials and of course attend Antonia, Elena and Michael’s talks.

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