More than 6.000 people enjoyed the European Day of Languages sponsored by Pearson & ACEIA

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More than 6.000 people took part in the celebration of the European Day of Languages​​ on Saturday 24 September in the event that Pearson, the learning company, sponsored in Seville to celebrate linguistic diversity in collaboration with ACEIA, the Association of Language Schools of Andalusia, under the motto “Learn a Language, cross borders”, which reflects our mission of helping people to improve their lives through learning.

We had a great day along with a total of 350 teachers from all across Andalusia representing 119 schools and academies associated with ACEIA, who organized an Open House to bring language learning closer to people in an entertaining way.

Pearson and the Association of Language Schools of Andalusia joined together for the European Day of Languages, which is celebrated in 45 countries all around the world to emphasize the importance of learning a language, to promote linguistic diversity and to encourage people to learn languages.

Coinciding with the 400th anniversary of their deaths, 2016 is the Year of Cervantes and Shakespeare, the main literary figures in Spanish and English, and ACEIA brought together both authors as well as their respective languages. As a sponsor of the event organized by ACEIA, Pearson gave away  graded readers of two titles from the Pearson English Readers (available here) series: Marcel and the Shakespeare Letters and Stories from Shakespeare as well as Pearson balloons for the kids.

For this reason the activities on the European Day of Languages revolved around these two distinguished literary figures and all the workshops and activities dealt with a variety of areas of related cultural interest. There were spaces for recitals and readings, Shakespearian micro theatre, and educational activities and workshops around the history, music, painting and costumes of the times, the main goal being to immerse those attending in the society and context of Shakespeare’s work and note similarities and overlap with that of Cervantes.

The activities were accompanied by a series of online activities through our social networks and with the support of all ACEIA members and associates.

The event was also followed on social media through the hashtags  #coeEDL and #KeepOnLearning, which directed the conversations to Twitter and Facebook.

We have a simple mission: to help people to improve their lives through learning.  Convinced that linguistic diversity is a tool for achieving greater intercultural understanding and a key element in the rich cultural heritage of our continent, we also promote plurilingualism.  And as the world’s largest education company, with over 35,000 employees in more than 70 countries, we help people of all ages to make measurable progress in their lives through learning.

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