Tips and articles about teaching English with Speakout 2nd Ed.

Speakout 2nd EditionIt’s approaching the end of the school year and while you’re concentrating on finishing off the year, here’s an update on what’s new in the world of Speakout and what you can look forward to exploring.

Let co-author Steve Oakes show you how Speakout brings the real world into the classroom as he takes you on a tour through the Students’ Book, shows you some of the BBC video content and how the other elements of the course work together.

The Study Booster is also ready, with its focus on the common challenges facing Spanish-speaking learners.

It contains a wide variety of exercises that provide further practice of the grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and writing covered in the Students’ Book and Workbook.

You can now find all the worksheets for Speakout Extra – covering the BBC clips and interviews, as well as Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Writing, Listening and Reading  – available online now.

End of year suggestions

Now that we’re coming to the end of the year, explore some interesting tips and articles about teaching English in the classroom.

How about introducing role play practice for your students to explore the language your students have learnt?

Or getting your students to take the homophone quiz. Do they know the difference between their, there and they’re?

Or can you distinguish between fact and fiction – explore for yourself some of the myths and truths of English language teaching.

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