What type of teacher are you? Take our short quiz to find out!

What type of teacher are you Take our short quiz to find out!New research explores why people choose to go into teaching and remain there, amid growing concerns around teacher shortages. Compiled in partnership by ‘think and action-tank’ LKMco and education company Pearson, it also explores how to attract teachers to work in the areas where they are needed most.

The findings in the Why Teach report were based on a range of questions, developed by teachers and answered by over 1000 in the profession. Over the course of the project four very broad teacher types emerged.

As a bit of fun we put together the following questions to help you work out what type of teacher you might be. We do realise it’s impossible to analyse a lifetime’s teaching with only ten questions, but we hope you might enjoy taking part in this quick quiz!

There are many different types of teacher

Policies that target the teacher labour market should take into account the fact that the profession is not homogenous. The research identifies four broad and overlapping teacher types which we hope will ensure policy makers, educationalists and school leaders better understand the school workforce:

  • PRACTITIONERS: These teachers are particularly motivated by a desire to teach and to work with children
  • MODERATES: These teachers are moderately influenced by a broad range of factors
  • IDEALISTS: These teachers want to make a difference to society
  • RATIONALISTS: These teachers tend to carefully weigh up a combination of pragmatic, personal and social-justice related factors

Take our teacher quiz!

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