10 great sites with free games for practising English

Free games for practising EnglishEveryone loves to play, and any teacher knows that games and quizzes are a great way to engage the language learner. For the student who wants to improve their English at home online – or even on the move with their smartphone – there are lots of great sites with free games for practising English. We’ve picked out ten to get you going. Enjoy!

Free games for practising English:

BBC Skillwise

The BBC Skillswise literacy website has a host of free games for practising English. Ideal for adult learners, there is an engaging game for everything, from vocabulary and grammar games to those that practice pronunciation and punctuation.

ESL Games Plus

You can find lots of colourful, interactive games for practising English at this jam-packed website, which also offers printable games, Powerpoint resources and versions for smartphones and iPad.

British Council Learn English

The British Council Learn English sites has lots of free games for practising English for young learners, teenagers and adults. There are games to sort all tastes, including Beat the Keeper, Spelloween and Pic-Your-Wits, plus illustrated jokes and wordplay fun.

English Online

English Online has a game zone with grammar and vocabulary games that you can either play online or download for free. Look out for the Grammar of Doom and Shoot a Sentence!

ESL Games World

This website has lots of free games for practising English, including listening quizzes and printable games. It’s targeted primarily at young learners but the games can be used at any age, and there are fun classroom tools for teachers as well.


Although aimed primarily at native speaker schoolchildren, the games on this site – and there are over a 1,000 of them – are great for EFL students as well. Word-lovers will enjoy playing homonym games, doing prefix puzzles, having fun with antonyms and synonyms and counting syllables.

MES Games

The engaging games and activities on this site are divided into thematic vocabulary units, and can be played through in order to build up a solid foundation of basic language.

ESL Kidstuff

Young learners can find lots of free games for practising English at ESLkidstuff. With alphabet games and counting games, the level and content are particularly suited to very young kids and beginners.

Grammar NinjaGrammar Ninja - Free games for practising English

This is a great game for kids (and even playful adults) to learn and practice the different part of speech. Players who throw a ninja star at the wrong word get to watch the whole thing explode.

English Club

English Club has an extensive suite of free games for EFL learners that cover everything from pronunciation to grammar and vocabulary. The games are especially suitable for adults who want some extra fun practice to consolidate what they’ve been learning in class.

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