To la Rioja with love. Part II :)

Last week I had the privilege of collaborating with La Rioja region again.
The Department of Educational Innovation has included a blended course of CLIL methodology addressed to all the teachers interested in implementing bilingualism in their classes (or already implementing it!).

The session objective was to complement the on-line content with down-to-earth experiences from bilingual schools in order to reflect on how Digital Competence can help us improve our pupils’ Communicative Competence.

Neuroscience has proved that there’s no learning without emotions, and ICT and emotions can go hand in hand. Well integrated ICT resources can be an integral part of truly emotional experiences that can engage our pupils to produce language. In this session we presented real experiences, activities and ideas to use in your classes.

We had a look at:

– Why to include competence-based learning in our lesson-planning
– How one competence can enhance the other.
– What the best tools are and bringing new ideas to teachers on why and how to integrate technology in their sessions.

I would like to thank all the teachers who attended the session. It was a wonderful group, and there was a lot of debate, which is great!  Big questions, and big debates lead to big answers and big solutions.
As promised I am sharing the second presentation that complements the contents of the on-line course.

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  1. Hello dear Martha; Congratulations on your successful session at La Rioja. Where can I read and learn more about it? Did you perhaps record the session? Greetings from México.

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