Halloween masks!

This year, before planning or creating anything for Halloween we decided to ask our teachers: What do you need for Halloween?
Jose Alberto, a great teacher from a school in Galicia, gave us an idea. He said: “I’d like to organize a party with my students, and have masks for them to wear” and we loved it.
But we didn’t want to come up with a one size fits all approach.  We wanted a lesson that offers you and your students lots of different possibilities. So here you have our proposal:  Combine different faces, eyes, hair, and hats and create a unique mask for each of your students!  And if you do…please send us pictures or tell us your story!
In these pictures you can see how Alba, Ruth, Jorge, Silvia, Raquel and their grandma spending a great time together. They told us that they loved it! Thanks for sharing!



Now it’s your turn!

Happy Halloween!

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