Jing: Flip your class and keep it simple!

I talk about the idea of The Flipped Classroom quite a bit with teachers.  And my interest goes beyond the obvious stated objective of delivering lectures online.  For me it provides a great starting point for a discussion on the more interesting conceptual issues involved in Blended Learning.

Because as you can appreciate in this video it’s not only or even primarily about what you’re doing online.  It’s about how moving certain activities outside the classroom gives you and your learners the opportunity to change the dynamics of the class space.  So the class ceases to be a space for the delivery of information and becomes a space for communication and collaboration.

If you want to give “flipping” a go I suggest you opt for the easiest tool out there – Jing.  You can download it in minutes and after playing around a bit will quickly learn to narrate screen captures and share the link with your students.  And maybe your students will even start to share their screencasts with the rest of the class!  Because in the end it’s really about tools that your learners can become more productive with.

Check it out:

Here’s my own Jing video using the presentation at the top of the post to give you a few ideas to start with.  Let me know if you come up with any more!

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